Network Security


  Security is a major concern for businesses, and it is only growing in importance.

ICT sets up firewalls of many kinds (software and hardware), Intrusion Detection

and/or Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS and IPS), antivirus programs, or a Unified

Threat Management (UTM) appliance which handles all of the above and more.
  A firewall comes in two forms: software and hardware. Software firewalls run on individual PCs and protect only that device. Because hardware firewalls sit between the Internet and a computer network, they protect the whole network, and they are therefore generally preferred for business use. Sometimes the hardware firewall is built into the router, and other times it is a separate device. Regardless, a hardware firewall will analyze certain portions of the data send to it and discard anything that looks malicious. 
  An IDS sits to the side of a network and analyzes it, helping to show when an intrusion happened, and to an extent, what it affected. An IPS, however, much like a firewall, sits in between the internet and a network, and it actively combats intrusions and attacks. And then there are systems which do both. Most businesses prefer an IPS because it is more aggressive than an IDS.