Phone Systems / VOIP

 We have been installing telephones systems and cabling for 20 years. In residential areas, we install individual phones in a customer's home. For businesses, we offer multiline and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) installation.

While there are some variations, here are the basic differences between the two. The multiline system is composed of a number of individual, distinct lines (individual phone numbers), and the PBX is like a central “computer” with one phone number that controls a phone system tree and numerous extensions. For example, if you have to call one number for customer service and another number for shipping, that is a multiline system. But if you have to call one number and then an extension for shipping, that is a PBX.


We can also install VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones. These phones use the internet and existing ethernet cabling instead of a traditional phone service and wires. This eliminates the time and cost incurred by a PBX or other type of phone system. And, as long as the phone has an internet connection, it will work anywhere in the world with the same number!

The cabling and equipment that runs the VOIP phone system also integrates into the computer network. This is an important concept to understand for many reasons.  

A great example is that of a branch office. With an existing computer network, a main business office can use the VOIP System to access a branch office via Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. This allows an employee to dial a number in the branch office as if it were in the same building. It even allows an employee in one office to dial a number thousands of miles away to another city as if he were in a local office. This eliminates long-distance calls and saves an incredible amount of money for businesses.

Another example is today's mobile trends. There are many stay at home users, mobile users, and temporary locations that also require connectivity to the main office. No matter where a user is and what he is doing - at home, on the road, by the beach - as long as he has an internet connection, the VOIP calls will go through.