Servers & Workstations

​​  When a business needs additional PCs or servers, ICT can

install and configure file servers, workstations, thin clients,

  For example, most locations need file servers to store a

great amount of data. Each department can have access

to a certain portion or account within the server, allowing

Sales to access some data, Shipping to access another portion, and Administration to access all. If a remote worker needs information at another location, he can access the server over the internet and retrieve all data he needs.

  Workstations are computers which are connected to a company network and are generally more powerful than a personal computer. Often, they are loaded with specific software for certain tasks within the business. ICT can connect workstations with the network and configure the software.

  Thin clients, on the other hand, are basically very small computers. Thin clients typically operate in one of two ways. They either download their OS from a server every time they boot (or remotely run their OS from the server) or they run their OS natively but receive all applications and data from a server.